Terms and conditions

Motorcycle rental price:

1 day             50 €/d

2-4 days        45 €/d

5-8 days        40€ /d

Terms: signing rental contract and paying 250€ deposite. Helmet, gloves and moto bag are included to motorcycle rental price.​ For longer rental term rates are applying by agreement.

Motorcycle rental price for photoshoot 30 €/h

Motorcycle rental price for a ride with driver 50 €/h

To be sure, always book ride in advance.

                                                                  Motorcycle rental agreement

Subject to the terms and conditions of this motorcycle rental agreement, the Owner rents a motorcycle to the Renter. By signing the agreement, the Renter agrees to comply with the rules and conditions outlined herein.

1.      Acceptance and return of the motorcycle

1.1.  By signing the present agreement, the Renter acknowledges that he/she has received the motorcycle in good technical condition for usage along with the additional extras, including documents of the motorcycle.

1.2.  The Renter must return the motorcycle of the same technical condition and content as it was rented. The motorcycle shall be taken and returned on time and in location specified in the agreement.

1.3.  The motorcycle must be handed over and returned in clean and tidy condition. Ten euro fee is taken in case of returning a dirty motorcycle.

1.4.  The motorcycle must be taken and returned to the agreed place during the working hours; after working hours and at weekends – on a prior agreement.

1.5.  The motorcycle is rented with full fuel tank. The Renter shall fill the tank at the end of rental period, otherwise the Renter undertakes to pay EUR 1.5 per 1 litre of fuel.

1.6.  The Renter shall take the motorcycle within two hours after the agreed time.

1.7.  The Owner shall have the right to terminate the rent of the motorcycle, report to police and announce search of the motorcycle, if the Renter fails to comply with any term and condition of the agreement.

1.8.  The rent may be extended with the prior written consent of the Owner.

1.9.  In case the Renter fails to return the motorcycle within a period of 24 hours after expiry of the rental term specified in the agreement, and fails to inform, by writing or phone, about the agreement extension, the Owner shall report to police.

2.      Motorcycle usage

2.1 The Renter shall provide a valid driver’s license.

2.2 The Renter shall not be younger than 25 years old and shall have a valid driver’s license. If the Renter is less than 25 years old, he/she shall have a minimum of three years’ driving experience.

2.3 Only those who are mentioned in the agreement (natural person or, if the Renter is a company, the company’s employee) and have a current valid driver’s license are permitted to drive the motorcycle. Any other driver is prohibited from operating the motorcycle. The Renter (either the driver or the company) is responsible for any loss or damage.

2.4 The Renter shall secure the motorcycle documents and keys from third parties.

2.5 It is prohibited to use the motorcycle:

-          for paid transportation of passengers;

-          for transportation of goods in breach of customs or any other rules;

-          for criminal activities;

-          when the Renter is under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs which affect human reaction;

-          in sport or similar traffic events where road-safety rules are ignored;

-          for transportation of valuable goods and documents without ownership documents;

-          for transportation of flammable liquids or substances, explosives, narcotic drugs or other items, the storage and consumption of which is prohibited by laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

2.6 The Renter must follow valid traffic rules and conditions of this agreement.

2.7 Every time filling the fuel tank, the Renter shall ensure the right pressure of lubricants, water and air pressure in tires.

2.8 In case of the motorcycle breakdown, repair can be made in the service recommended by the Owner.

2.9 The Renter is recommended to take all necessary measures to prevent theft and accidents.

2.10 The motorcycle must be used in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, otherwise EUR 250 fine is applied.

3.      Theft, accident and other damage

3.1 In case of car accident, fire and upon noticing the damage made by third persons to the motorcycle, or in case of the motorcycle theft, the Renter must inform the Owner, police, firefighters, insurance company or other official institutions.

3.2 Police documents, reference certificates, issued by transportation companies, are the basis to receive insurance benefit and accuse third persons of the damage caused to the property of the Owner.

3.3 Evidence (items, traces, testimony) must be saved; surnames of witnesses and addresses must be written down. It is forbidden for the Renter to sign any documents, obligating the Owner to compensate the losses for the damage suffered.

3.4 The Renter or other authorized driver must undertake the measures in order to protect interests of the Owner and insurance company. In case of car accident, the Renter must:

-          save the vehicle immediately, protect it from further failure and eliminate the causes that could increase damage;

-          inform police immediately about the accident and receive the incident report;

-          inform the Owner immediately about the accident.

Note. The notice shall specify where the motorcycle has been damaged, to whom and when the accident was reported, whether a culprit is known as well as names, surnames, addresses, telephone numbers.

4.      Motorcycle insurance

4.1 The motorcycle is insured by the compulsory civil liability in respect of the use of motor vehicles. 

5.      Payment conditions

5.1 The motorcycle transfer is made after receiving the rental fee in euro.

5.2 The rental price includes: rental fee of the motorcycle, insurance, technical service.

5.3 Upon request of the Owner, the Renter shall undertake to pay unconditionally:

-          rental fee calculated according to the rental rates;

-          amount specified in the agreement, if the Renter returns motorcycle with a lower quantity of fuel than required;

-          amount for additional services;

-          amount to compensate the losses.

5.4 The Renter undertakes to pay one day rent price, i.e. EUR 50 for each delayed day.

6.      Renter obligations

6.1 The Renter shall be fully responsible in respect of the Owner and assumes all responsibility for intentional motorcycle damage or damage which was caused due to negligence, and compensation of other losses if insurance company does not cover the losses.

6.2 The Renter shall take full responsibility if damage is caused to the motorcycle by his/her fault.

6.3 The Renter is liable for the damage caused to the motorcycle, if he/she failed to follow the rules of use of the vehicle:

-          used technically defective motorcycle;

-          violated the rules of transportation of flammable liquids and substances, explosives and fire security regulations;

-          the vehicle was used by an unauthorized driver, drunk or intoxicated driver;

-          made an accident and left the location of an accident;

-          the vehicle was used for criminal actions.

6.4 The Renter shall cover all motorcycle repair costs if, in case of any motorcycle accident or damage, the Renter failed to inform police, obtain reference and did not inform the Owner respectively. The Renter shall also pay expenses in respect of motorcycle damage in case the insurance is not valid or does not compensate losses.

6.5 The Renter must follow valid traffic rules and pay fines for road traffic offences.

6.6 In case of any motorcycle malfunction, which are not caused by the fault of the Owner, the Renter must undertake all possible measures to remove any defects in the shortest period of time.

6.7 The Renter pays EUR 20 for lost documents and EUR 130 for lost keys.

6.8 If the motorcycle is detained because of actions of the Renter and/or the Owner is otherwise restricted from using the motorcycle, the Renter undertakes to cover all the costs incurred by the Owner as well as to pay EUR 300 fine for the forced storage of the motorcycle by the third parties.

7.      Responsibility of the Owner

7.1 The Owner shall not be responsible for losses incurred by the Renter due to inability to use the rented motorcycle in case of its malfunction, accident, etc. However, the Owner, taking into account the possibilities, must immediately repair the motorcycle, provide the Renter with another motorcycle or return money for the unused rent time.

7.2 The Owner shall not be responsible for health condition of the Renter.

7.3 The Owner shall not be responsible for damage made to the Renter’s personal items left in the motorcycle.

7.4 The Owner shall not be responsible for losses made to the third parties due to fault of the Renter.

8.      Other provisions

8.1 Annexes to the rental agreement and other additions shall be valid only if are signed by both parties.

8.2 The rental agreement is concluded in Lithuanian in duplicate of the equal legal power.

8.3 This agreement is governed by laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Any difference or dispute shall be resolved by negotiation between the parties. Where an amicable settlement cannot be found, the dispute shall submitted to the District Court of Klaipeda.